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In my life, I've played a lot of games. I vaguely remember having an Atari as a very young kid but my first real experience in gaming was with the Nintendo. I spent countless hours playing Super Mario 3, Zelda, and so many others. We also had a few places in town with arcade games where I'd spend way too many quarters.

While I don't play on a console much anymore, I do have a HUGE collection of PC games. I've decided to start playing (or replaying) these games and I'm going to rate and review each one. The majority of these games I bought in bundles from sites like Humble Bundle and Fanatical over the last decade or so. There are also a handful of games I got for free through competitions or pure dumb luck. The games I sought out and paid for, usually on sale, will be marked as such. Aside from Steam, I also use launchers such as Epic Game Store, Amazon Prime Gaming (if you are a Prime member, get free games monthly!), Origin/EA Play, Ubisoft Connect, Galaxy of Games, and others.

My Rating System

Rating games can be tricky. Here is roughly how I score things:

  • 5/5 This game is a must play and I've probably played multiple times; high replay value; great value.

  • 4/5 This is a great and I enjoyed playing it; not a favorite per se, but it's solid experience.

  • 3/5 This game isn't great but it isn't bad either. I'm glad I tried it but I probably won't be replaying it anytime soon.

  • 2/5 Eh. Not a good game by any means but I've played worse. No replay view for me whatsoever.

  • 1/5 Yikes. For me, this game is terrible and I absolutely hated playing it.


Rating 3.5/5 | Reviewed: 7/30/22 | Price: $$

Civilization building game where you have to get build you clan. I remember Warcraft 2 was my first experience with this type of game back when I was a teenager. Since then, these games haven't really been on my "to play" list. I get kind of bored and just don't always grasp what works well.

All that being said, this game has potential for me. It was a free-to-play weekend so I won't have it long. If it should fall to under $5, I might buy it.


Rating 4.5/5 | Reviewed: 7/27/22 | Price: $$

This is definitely a fun game. It's a side-scrolling zombie killer. I've played plenty like this before but there's something unique about it.

Pros: Fast-paced, smooth as butter, easy to catch on, and great with a friend (or more...I'm not sure how many can play)

Cons: Pretty tough (after an hour, I haven't beaten the first boss battle. I've come close but haven't quite gotten there!)

Update: 7/30/22

This game as grown on me. It's tough but once you get built up a little bit, it gets much more fun and manageable. I've unlocked 4 mini games as well.

Acceleration of SUGURI 2

Rating 3/5 | Reviewed: 7/27/22 | Price: $

I'm not sure when or where I picked this one up but there are a few things right off the bat that I notice. First, this game is like the Street Fighter of old but floating in the sky. Second, it has a cartoonish/anime style which looks pretty cool. Finally, there are absolutely no instructions as to how to play. You can pause and see a moves list but it's basically unplayable with keyboard and mouse. I don't see myself playing this much at all (I alrighty uninstalled in) but it does have potential for those who like these type of games.

Lost in Random

Rating 3/5 | Reviewed: 7/26/22 | Price: $$$ (or Free with EA Play Subscription)

I really want to love this game. The visual style is very Tim Burton-esque and looks absolutely great on my low-end laptop. However, after about an hour of game play, I'm not invested in the story or gameplay. This 3D adventure/puzzle game definitely has teh potential. I found the camera and its angles to be subpar and hard to get right. I think I'll try playing this with a gamepad to see if the gameplay improves.

Pros: Style, Characters

Cons: Limited configuration, doesn't run well with keyboard/mouse combo

12 Is Better Than 6

Rating 4/5 | Reviewed: 7/22/22 | Price: $

This isn't my first time playing this game but it's been quite awhile. 12 Is Better Than 6 is a top-down, point-and-click, adventure type game. You definitely need patience when playing!

Pros: Awesome hand-drawn style, fun animations

Cons: Pretty difficult and no check-points in levels

About Love, Hate, and the Other Ones

Rating: 4/5 | Reviewed: 7/22/22 | Price: $

I really enjoy this game. I purchased this game back in April of 2022 with no expectations. This game reminds me of Ibb & Obb (highly recommended!) but single player. It's an action/puzzle game with a simple goal in mind- mushroom-looking button.

Pros: Cute mechanics (Love makes characters come toward you while hate pushes them away), a cool visual style

Cons: The controls! I wish I could use the keyboard but the mouse is the only option.