Hello! My name is Justin "Mr. K" Klyczek. I am a former teacher- yes, that's right. I hung it up to become a Software Support technician at Five Star Technology Solutions. Five Star is a company that works with schools to make the lives of teachers and administrators easier so I'm not entirely away from education. As I continue my journey, I wanted a place where people could catch up with me.

Teaching Career

  • Starting teaching in August 2006 at Rossville Consolidated School District

  • Also taught a Tecumseh Junior High School, Harrison High School, Indiana Digital Learning School, and Ivy Tech Community College

  • For the majority of my time as a teacher, I taught Math at the middle school level (Grades 6-8)

  • I also taught some Computer Science, mixed curriculum (Math + CS), and even a little Reading

  • At some point in my near 15 year career, I had students from each grades 6-12 and college Freshman & Sophomores

  • My youngest student was 11 years old while my oldest was 62 years old

  • Left the classroom in December of 2020


  • I have been married to my wife, Kelli, since 7/7/7 (though we've been dating since October 2003)

    • We met in college (St. Joe's) and have been together ever since

    • She's also a teacher but she teaches elementary (mostly Kindergarten)

  • My daughter, Jocelyn, was born on 1/1/11

    • She skipped 1st grade and is in advanced/Honors classes

    • Dancing since she was barely out of diapers, Jocelyn is at the dance studio 4-5 times a week

    • In addition to dancing, she loves singing, doing her make-up, and recording videos

  • We have two cats, Smudge and Mr. Kitty. We had to put down our other cat, Smore, in early 2022.


Kitty in a box! We've had Smudgie since 12/2005 when he was about a year old.

Mr. Kitty

Also known as Senor Fat Cat and Fattemous, this create is huge and loud. He loves snuggles and loves to lick.